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Private Airport Service Melbourne

A private airport service Melbourne is a car transfer facility that provides a particular customer with dedicated service for a given time period. When you book a private airport service Melbourne, it will wait for you outside the Melbourne Airport premises before you arrive at the airport. The chauffeur will carry a placard that has your name on it and he will wait for you at the arrivals. After receiving you, he will help you out with your luggage by putting them in the back of the car and take you to any hotel, resort or villa of your choice. One of the main reasons why people often opt for an airport transfer service nowadays instead of getting into a cab is that the comfort and luxury they have to offer.

Airport transfer services also provide people with the much needed peace and tranquility of the mind. Imagine that you just landed on the airport with a handful of luggage. Now it will be majorly difficult for you to go after a cab service that will simply assist customers based on first come first serve basis. While getting a cab is easy when your hands are empty, it can be a source of major bother when you try to do the same while at the same time trying to take care of your luggage. This is especially true in hours of emergency when the maximum number of flights takes off from or land on the Melbourne Airport.

Another reason why people often choose to get in touch with a private airport service Melbourne like us is the convenience that we can provide for. Whatever be your purpose of visit to Melbourne, whether it is a business event or a corporate meeting, a recreational trip with the aim of sightseeing or that you have to attend some social event such as a wedding or a birthday party, you can be rest assured that the private sedan or limo services at our disposal can take you to your destined location in time. You can also avail the refreshments that we have to offer in terms of food, drinks as well as other amenities that will help you greatly to feel all refreshed and rejuvenated.

There are a wide number of reasons why hiring a private airport transfer service in Melbourne is the most practical option. These include the following:

  • When it comes to costs, a cab may often charge you more than what you really need to pay. He may intentionally take the car through a longer route and in such cases you won’t have any other option but to pay more. But a professional airport transfer service like VEC will never ask you to pay more than you truly require.

  • Private airport transfers can also offer a range of customized services. Many people have special needs; i.e. they may travel with children or need wheelchair assistance. At VEC, we can take care of all of that for you at pocket friendly rates and it will all be a part of the complete package.

WE Strictly Follow Corona SOPs


We sanitize our cars after each assignment for our customers safety.


Our chauffeurs strictly follow the covid19 SOPs and keep wearing mask all the time.


Antivirus Wipes and Hand Sanitizer are always available inside the car.


We check our chauffeurs on a daily basis for the illness of corona virus.


Our chauffeur are regularly updated with policy and news about virus for safety.


No need to Pay Cash, Multiple options to pay online for our clients.

We offer a Broad Range of Services

Our service packages are absolutely of top notch quality, with the best and the most luxurious chauffeured limousine services.

Corporate Transfers

Our corporate transfer in Melbourne offers a hassle-free transporting service to your clients and employees.

Airport Transfers

Our hassle-free chauffeur airport transfers Melbourne ensures you reach your destination in the shortest time possible.

Business Meetings

Our corporate transfer in Melbourne offers a hassle-free transporting service to your clients and employees.

Weddings Chauffeur

Want the best wedding chauffeur service in town? The best Luxury Wedding Car hire in Melbourne? Call us today and book your ride!

Events Chauffeur

Either it the most important day of your life, or you want to witness a game of soccer, we offer luxury Chauffeur services.

Tours Chauffeur

Our top notch experienced and knowledgeable luxury chauffeurs can show you all of the must-see sites.

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We Provide Latest Fleet Of Luxury Cars For Business Meetings, Financial Road Shows And Corporate Events.

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We Offer 60 Minutes Waiting Time On Airports And 15 Minutes Waiting Time On Other Places


Our Chauffeurs Are Trained To Be Highly Skillful And Be Professional To Make Your Journey..


We Inculcates The Values In The Drivers That They Always Adhere To In Order To Make It Through For Our Corporate Client.


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The Voyager Fleet of Elegant Cars Collection

The Chauffeurs operate a young fleet of luxury vehicles for you or your customers to travel in style and comfort. We operate a Mercedes and BMW fleet of E-Class, S-Class, V-Class and BMW 7 Series. All vehicles carry amenities you would expect from a premium service from bottled water to mobile phone chargers.

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